H.B.I.C. Productions

H.B.I.C was founded by Meg Corral in 2012, who has been in the SL porn industry since 2010 and have worked with some of the most talented and amazing photographers and videographers. In 2012 she decided to go behind the scenes.

Witches of Dickwick powered by XTube
Witches of Dickwick
Produced/Directed by Meg Corral Starring: Kain Flux, Zuby-Lu Gloom Oryl, Melanie Oryl and Brea Brianna. The 3 good witches become tired of being servants to their Master Kain. He has possessed them to keep their minds and actions under his total control. One night the witches had enough, voodoo is performed by the good witch Melanie while the Master is occupied with Zuby and Brea. The 3 witches become the 3 bad witches and put a end to it all....

Maximum Sex-u-rity Part 1 powered by XTube
Maximum Sex-u-rity Part 1
Inmates in a maximum security prison show just how much the rules can bend with the female officers. Warden, Meg Corral turns her head to the situation and allows the illegal activity to go on. Starring: Carly Mode, Bewitched Difference, Sam Hanks, Blackheart Taurus, G-MO, Edvard Taurion, Margarita Blanco, Zuby Gloom Oryl, Dillon Lecker and Meg Corral. Stay tuned for Part 2, produced and directed by Dillon Lecker.

Fatal Attraction powered by XTube
Fatal Attraction
Ryu and ViVi stop at the grocery store before heading home. A mysterious man has been watching ViVi closely while she shops. The mysterious man begins to follow ViVi's every move, he quickly becomes obsessed and wants her. ViVi has no idea this the stalker is following her. The couple checks out at the grocery store, gets into their car and head home. The stalker continues to follow them to their home and keeps a very close eye on ViVi. (I know I spelled attraction wrong in the opening, people are so corny, shhh it, I already am planning on fixing it) Staring: Ryu (boyfriend), ViVi (girlfriend), Jessie (stalker) and Dante (cashier)

Easy Rider powered by XTube
Easy Rider
A late night at the diner, leads to so much more! Rockabilly style themed film, (there was color tv mid to late 50s in the USA, just throwing that out there before anyone says there was no color tv then lol).

The Brothel powered by XTube
The Brothel
Patrons come in to the brothel and purchase a date.

In Lust powered by XTube
In Lust
"The night before he says I DO" Gavin is at his bachelor party with his friends. What he thought would just be strippers who would dance for him turned in to so much more. He soon realized a few of the dancers are tgirls, he has always lusted for tgirls. The strippers take the men to the back room to give a lap dance when things get heated. Gavin's bride to be, Suki, shows up at the bachelor party, walks in and catches Gavin and his bachelor party IN LUST. The party stops! Gavin and Suki exchange words. Gavin pleads his case and convinces his soon to be bride to join in with the fun.

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