Bhairavi Productions

Established by Ravi Redfield

Where the Horizon widens
In this movie Ravi take you to a journey of relationships who are known right now. Couples who share their everyday life. So they show the common and the intimate moments. You are invited to accompany Ravi at her journey.

Onyx Blaze
The woman Onyx spent a night with a new lover, Zuby. When she came home she told everything her wife Crystal, a hermaphrodite. They live in an open relationship and enjoy their lifes of freedom. But unforeseen Crystal became very jealous. After a dispute Crystal leave Onyx. Both woman fall in confusion and adventures of pleasure and pain.

La Dolce Vita
The couple Urmeli (a woman) and Ravi (a hermaphrodite) want to make sailing tour with their friends Yana and Charley. They arrange this day only for having fun, laughing, diving, sailing but most for sex. The bright sun, fresh breeze, hot skin and hunger for sex let them enjoy the sweet life to the full.

Crystals Facets
Ravi, a hermaphrodite, wakes up in the morning, hungry for sex starting her day with some self entertainment. Going to work, what she prefer. Meet her Love to do what she love and make love. A day in a dolce vita.

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