drakaina Lamia Studios

Established in 2012 this little studio specializes in high quality music videos, documentaries and, why not, erotic clips. By 2015 in its portfolio were 17 erotic clips, 2 documentaries, and over 20 music videos

Driving force behind it is drakaina Lamia, self proclaimed dragon of Second Life, director, producer, and actress.

Documentaries on some of the more interesting places in Second Life
"Phone Call", starring Saedi and Lamia
"Fox", starring Raziel and Lamia
"Wedding Gift", starring Lea, Sidney and Lamia
"After Dinner", starring Jaquelyne and Lamia
"Fucking Short Fairytale", starring Jaquelyne and Lamia
"Steampunk at Toru", starring Siffni and Lamia
"Waterfall", starring Jaquelyne, Sam and Lamia
"Beached", starring Jaquelyne and Lamia
"50 Shades of Lamia: Pink Angel of Shizukesa Island", starring Lapis and Lamia
"Pino 1951", starring Emmi and Lamia
"Heat", starring Gia, Earl, Quin and Lamia
"Cream", starring Gia and Lamia
"Black Matte Lacquer", starring Earl and Lamia
"Night at the Cabin"
"They Come Out at Night"
"At the Beach", staring SylvieXXX and Torreto (3DxChat)

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